Let me make it clear about The Morning After Pill in Southern Africa: 6 things you must know at this time

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Let me make it clear about The Morning After Pill in Southern Africa: 6 things you must know at this time

Let me make it clear about The Morning After Pill in Southern Africa: 6 things you must know at this time

Accidents happen, but that does not suggest they need to impact the sleep you will ever have. The morning after pill can help prevent unplanned pregnancy when taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex whether the condom broke or you forgot to take your birth control. Find out about the accessibility to the after pill in South Africa morning.

1. Time is (type of) in your corner

The best thing concerning the morning-after capsule (MAP) is it up to 72 hours after unprotected sex and it will still prevent pregnancy that you can take. You may get it at your neighborhood pharmacy or at a hospital, and they’re going to provide clear directions when planning on taking it. The early early morning after tablet is a progestin-only product that works well by preventing ovulation – and in the event that you do not ovulate, you cannot fall expecting. Trying to find crisis contraception? See your nearest Marie Stopes Southern Africa center for the consultation that is contraceptive to get crisis contraception.

2. It is called ‘emergency contraception’ for a explanation

The early early early morning after product should not be properly used as your form that is regular of for a few reasons.

Firstly, it is much less able to preventing maternity as proper birth prevention: the MAP is prosperous in around 85percent to 89per cent of situations, whereas contraceptive is between 97% and 99% effective. Next, considering that the MAP has high quantities of hormones in it, it could end in worse unwanted effects than regular contraception, like sickness, headaches and irregular bleeding. Finally, it is higher priced than usual. contraception, and you’d have to keep visiting your clinic or pharmacy frequently to get it.

3. There’s a far better choice as compared to early morning after capsule

Are you aware that the IUD (intrauterine unit or ‘loop’) is really additionally effective as a type of crisis contraception, and therefore when it is placed, it may endure as much as a decade? This means it will avoid unplanned pregnancy after a slip up, and can continue doing therefore for as long as you retain it in.

4. No crisis contraception can possibly prevent STIs

Even though MAP and IUD can really help avoid unplanned maternity, they don’t lower your threat of contracting STIs or HIV after non-safe sex. That you visit a clinic ASAP if you’ve had unprotected sex, whether intentionally or not, it’s critical. They will find a way to give you advice regarding the course that is best of action continue. Book your STI and HIV test visit right right right here or phone: 0800 11 77 85

5. Your duration are impacted (and there is a chance that is small may nevertheless be pregnant)

Due to the high amounts of hormones within the MAP, you could find that your particular next period is earlier in the day, later or more substantial than usual, or that the menstrual signs are far more severe. In case the duration is extremely delayed, it is well worth going for a pregnancy test. Once we have mentioned, the early morning after capsule is generally although not constantly effective.

6. You need to go to your clinic or doctor straight away

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It’s essential that you will get a check-up in the event that you’ve had non-safe sex. You’ve probably been subjected to STIs, and you will be needing an even more form that is effective of control. The doctor or hospital should be able to counsel you from the many appropriate methods available for you. It’s also wise to keep a stash of condoms with you as you can’t say for sure once you may require them! Prevention is definitely much better than remedy.

Book a consultation at Marie Stopes Southern Africa to purchase the early morning after tablet, get suggestions about other contraceptives or guide an HIV and STI testing.

Fast, painless HIV and STI screening at a Marie Stopes center in your town

It is constantly a good clear idea to have regular HIV and STI testing. If you should be due for the next test, pop music into the nearest Marie Stopes centre for an instant and test that is confidential. Find your closest Marie Stopes center and make an appointment then on the web.

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