Supporting seafarers from the frontline of COVID-19

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Supporting seafarers from the frontline of COVID-19

Supporting seafarers from the frontline of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed seafarers throughout the world in precarious circumstances. Travel limitations mean some cannot leave their ships, be repatriated house, and sometimes even get urgent assistance that is medical. Other seafarers have experienced their agreements unilaterally terminated or have already been quarantined up to speed vessels for over 2 weeks, without getting compensated.

Many seafarers, in addition to their partners and loved ones, have actually reached off to IMO to share with you their issues about a number of hard circumstances brought on by the pandemic that is COVID-19. (Follow this link for the FAQ that is comprehensive on modifications and repatriation).

IMO has generated the Seafarer Crisis Action Team (SCAT) to aid resolve specific situations, frequently working alongside other businesses just like the Global Labour Organization (ILO), the Overseas Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) as well as the Global Chamber of Shipping (ICS). This dedicated team works around the clock – contacting representatives from national governments, NGOs, trade unions or relevant associations, or orienting seafarers towards the right organisation, to find solutions since the beginning of the crisis. Seafarers and their loved ones can contact the SCAT by delivering an e-mail to

Listed below are examples where intervention that is IMO a huge difference for seafarers world wide.

Assisting Seafarers Go Homeward

Repatriated after a lot more than 100 times overseas

IMO ended up being contacted with a fatigued seafarer for a overseas help vessel. He and lots of of their peers had invested 100 times offshore – some had already counted 140 times – without any break with no possibility of team modifications. The seafarer had been concerned because their company ended up being intending to expand team agreements by another 8 weeks.

“we all have been experiencing the strains associated with the any period of time overseas particularly having no end date coming soon. The seafarer wrote in an email to IMO’s Seafarer Crisis Action Team (SCAT) to many of us that is not good and certainly puts safety on the line”.

The SCAT brought the message towards the attention of this NGOs that is relevant consultative status with IMO and liaised because of the maritime authorities associated with the banner and slot States worried.

After this swift intervention from IMO, the slot State confirmed it could make the necessary measures to facilitate crew change whilst the ship was at its slot or terminal, as well as the seafarer surely could go back home and get reunited together with family members.

Protecting seafarers’ psychological state

A seafarer onboard a container ship delivered a call for help IMO. Their agreement, that has been due in order to complete at the conclusion of March, have been extended for the next thirty days. The seafarer reported that their business had been neglecting to act to alter team, also though federal government assistance made that choice feasible.

Although the seafarer recognised which he along with his peers are not in a vital situation actually, he described severe effects to their psychological state. “we now have dishes, all things are fine, however the primary thing is our mental health”, the seafarer told IMO’s Seafarer Crisis Action Team (SCAT) in the very very very first email.

The SCAT referred the seafarer into the appropriate nationwide maritime management and trade unions, while additionally bringing the problem to your attention for the banner and slot States worried. This intervention that is diplomatic resolve the actual situation, as well as the banner State confirmed it might assist the seafarer together with his agreement and repatriation.

The seafarer and another team member could actually get back house properly in might. The seafarer warmly thanked a SCAT team member for his help and support, writing: “you are really a man with a big heart” in an email.

A seafarer repatriated to assist her relatives that are vulnerable

A seafarer that is british hopeless to be reunited along with her household after months taking care of a passenger ship within the Pacific. Her susceptible family members home required her help when confronted with the COVID-19 pandemic, and she had been determined become by their part.

But her plan to travel home mid-March had been derailed. Immigration authorities associated with slot State initially denied authorization to visit, as the guidelines was indeed changed with very little notice. The seafarer ended up being stuck in the ship at anchor without any method of going back house.

She emailed a plea for assist to IMO. “As we am certain that may be the instance for a lot of other seafarers at this time, i will be therefore hopeless to obtain house. My parents and grandmother are susceptible and I also cannot else” think about anything, she stated. The seafarer included she feared the situation would also impact her ability to perform her duties as a bridge officer that her mental health was seriously affected, and.

IMO instantly contacted the slot State and seafarer State and informed the relevant NGOs. Those efforts assisted resolve the truth. Due to the efficient cooperation between the area seafarer’s union plus the slot State, the seafarer had been permitted to travel house.

In a note delivered to IMO the following day, she thanked the corporation plus the slot State for ensuring she could possibly be reunited along with her family members. “I am relieved and overjoyed become right right straight back! Many thanks a great deal for the support and help. I will be additionally really grateful to the slot State for permitting me personally to visit, the entire procedure ended up being well managed and controlled”, she stated.

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